Tuesday, 10 July 2012

to dye or not to dye

i've been in a bit of a colour rut lately when i comes to dyeing my handspun yarns. i don't know how many times i think of a great colour combo and then forget it by the time i get to the dye pot.

i seriously have a full set (40 dyes as a very early christmas pressie last year !!) in the jaquard acid dye range. i still dye about the same 6 colours over and over. and i always end up with about half of it being christmas green -my least favourite colour.

so when i came across the design seeds site i fell in love. all these great colour palettes right there to use as a jumping off point :)

so i have a project in mind and started some singles spun last night and the first up for the dye pot is summer brights -love those minty/aqua greens.


Stepford said...

that looks pretty! can't wait to see what you come up with :) you should also check out color collective - http://color-collective.blogspot.com.au/ SO awesome!! :)

rosie said...

thanks for the link :) i've already spotted a couple of palettes there i might try out tomorrow.