Thursday, 28 June 2012

let the light shine

it was a pretty uneventful week and the weather was kinda miserable here. rainy, windy and cold.
the weather has made it soooo frustrating trying to get decent pics that i finally decided i had to bite the bullet and get some studio lights.

well the finally arrive and turned out to be money very well spent !! i'm still working out how to use them to get the best effect but i'm loving them.

there were some new rainbow toys in the works.

and i managed to get some sewing done, nothing too exciting just more bags to pack my dollies in when they go in the post on their way to their new homes.

my pin cushion (well one of them) was formerly a prototype for a small octopus. since sewing pieces together is my least fav part of making amigurumi i decided having to sew 8 legs to anything would make me cry so these guys never made it into the store.


Stepford said...

I would love to know where you got yours from? I get so frustrated during these dull winter days and when I run out of time during daylight to get my assorted pics taken :/ it doesn't help that I seem to be my most productive after dark

rosie said...

i'm the same -a bit of a night owl which definitly doesn't help taking pics LOL

i got my lights new on ebay in the camera section under accessories. mine have daylight globes or 5500k bulbs