Sunday, 22 July 2012

born to knit.... ok maybe crochet.

this years born to knit campaign is already underway with over 1200 blankets counted.
i finished some more spinning and dyeing during the week (and pulled some extra yarns from my handspun stash) and got to work.

it looked pretty but the knitting part was driving me crazy. i just couldn't get into it and it felt like pulling teeth so i swapped over to crochet and almost had the whole blanket finished in one day !!

and man this blankie will be toasty to snuggle under. it's my usual super soft merino wool there are some thick and thins, some carded with sparklies and a few 2 ply candy canes. not just toasty warm but super colourful too LOL

in other shop related stuff there were a few dollies made and a new design. this time little trudy had socks under her mary janes.

trudy also wears a lilac bow in some new saddle stitch ribbons. my ribbon box is about ready to explode so more new ribbons arriving this week mean i better start looking for a bigger box !

and those teeny weeny buttons made another appearance.

bronte's little outfit was made from some new yarns that arrive -sirdar snuggly DK.
her top has a tiny speckle of colour that's hard to see in the pics.

and what outfit is complete without the accessories. little bronte has her handbag in coordinating greens. yes it's removable and the little flap opens so a small treasure can be hidden inside :)

little maxwell is sporting a new 3 stripe sweater designand he's posing in front of a new background -stamped to match my new business cards and swing tags.

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