Friday, 1 February 2013

a little handy

you'd think knitting would be a quiet relaxing past time but apparently not when i do it. i've been told i'm a clicker, yep a clicker. somehow i manage to make a lot of noise using metal needles, i even get dirty looks over it from mum LOL
so i decided new year, new tools needed. the bamboo needles arrived (2 full sets of regular straights in 2 different lengths, 1 full set circulars and 1 full set dpn's) i've gotta say the money was worth it !! the knit like a dream, no matter how hard i try not clicking or clacking. an added bonus my stitches don't slide off the dpn' either.
yesterday's spinning consisted of loads of white merino, random coloured merinos, silk noil, sari silk, grey leicester, loads of angelina sparkle & coloured firestar all thrown into my little ashford wild carder. i made 3 little batts in total around 80 grams or just under 3 ounces.

spun fine and then plied back on itself giving a little over 200 meters or 220 yards.

i decided it was too pretty and soft to go into the shop (a completely valid excuse !!) so i wound it into a ball to make a scarf.

cast onto 5mm needles for a soft drape, 25 sts in moss stitch just perfect to show off the texture. 

a little close up, sadly you can't see the sparkle and shine but i'll get some better pics of this next update.

cast on tail with silk noil.

i think i'll have to spin another skein to make this a decent length for double wrapping and snuggling but we'll see.

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